The Pursuit of Knowledge

“You attract what you think about most, and you become what you attract most.” Focus. Mental discipline. The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne, is located in the New Age section of your local bookstore. Before you decide to tune out, read on for at least another paragraph. CultureFeast has never been dedicated to New Age […]

My Thoughts on the Righteous Man

For years, I worried about being a righteous man. I never measured up to the standards set by my church, my family, and my Bible. I constantly felt overwhelmed by all the ways a person should respond with kindness and love and selflessness. I failed miserably. For a time, I stopped caring. I surrendered. I […]

Why CultureFeast Is Not Godspy

There’s no reason to duplicate greatness. A copy is a copy is a copy. There is a certain appeal to the layout and approach of a website like GodSpy. First, there are quality photos and graphics which make the homepage seem to be a brilliant display of topical choices. Second, you have the scholarly writing […]

Harp and Bowl Worship

I have participated in what is now termed “Harp and Bowl” worship at the All Nations House of Prayer (ANHOP) in Grand Prairie, texas, for the past two months. No single type of spiritual act has challenged me as much as this has. Something about the still and peaceful attitude of worship demands so much […]

The Future Transformation of Grand Prairie

It’s a simple thing, transformation. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t require men and women to become super geniuses and strategists. Shady Grove Church moved to its new location at the beginning of June. I have noticed that this is a season of community building. Families far and wide are moving closer to the new building […]