• Programs Can’t Replace Relationship

    If you haven’t learned this about me by now, you should know that I am intrinsically averse to the concept of replacing one-on-one connection with organizational participation. For example, when a Jesus follower gets to know a neighbor and begins to truly care about the status of their neighbor’s soul, the default solution is to […]

  • TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

    Thanks to StumbleUpon, the most enjoyable social media/bookmarking site thus far (and the official choice of ADHD users everywhere), I was introduced to TED.com last month. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED began in 1984, bringing together the best and brightest from those three industries and thought groups. Since the '80s, TED has evolved […]

  • Christian Social Media Sites: Good Idea or Bad?

    I will acknowledge the truth that parents need a place for their children to learn, to engage, and to socialize that will not scar them or taint their innocence. I wouldn’t want my kids listening to what I listen to or watching many of the films I watch. Since I am a P.I.T. (Parent in […]

  • Lennard Darbee Radio Sermons Coming Soon

    As some of you know, Lennard Darbee was my grandfather. He had his flaws for sure, but his radio show and traveling healing ministry reached hundreds of thousands over the span of his lifetime. I received the remaining print and audio materials from his ministry after he and my step grandmother both died. I am […]

  • False Christ Causing Waves in Orlando

    Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, a 61 year-old Puerto Rican, is claiming to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. Get real. A recovering heroine addict and an ex-con? Seriously? Despite his outlandish claims that millions of followers and 30 countries acknowledge him as god, only 100,000 followers can be verified by the press. […]

  • The Downsides of Writing About Anything Spiritual

    Call it spiritual… call it religious… call it whatever you like. The truth is, a weblog not set apart as faith-based from the beginning will usually take a massive reduction in traffic for writing about religion. People want the cool, bleeding edge news and gossip and technology without the morals or the history of the […]

  • Everything is Utterly Meaningless…. So What?

    Why do we do what we do? That’s one of those questions my peeps hate to ask. Aaron in particular. He wants the white picket fence, three kids, and the leave it to beaver lifestyle. So he’s been saying for the past three or four years. I didn’t buy it then and I don’t buy […]

  • LifeChurch Creates a Virtual Church on Second Life

    I’m writing this for the benefit of my friends and the masses that are similar to my friends – i.e., those who have no clue about the latest and greatest news on the Web. I’ve briefly mentioned Second Life before, so use the site search engine on the right to find the other post. Second […]

  • Christianity Today Faces Problems Not Addressed in the Bible

    A lot of people, even those considering themselves to be faithful Christians, find the Bible difficult to read. Not only are the stories not presented in chronological order, but they are written to address problems of 2,000 to 4,000 years ago. It’s fair to say that a little has changed since then. Someone correct me […]

  • Tarrant County Prays More than Dallas

    I don’t know if it’s in the water or what, but my personal experience has proven that people in Tarrant County pray over meals more than people in Dallas County. We can’t really include Collin and Denton Counties in this comparison. Denton County is perhaps the most bizarre in Texas, and Collin County is full […]