Programs Can’t Replace Relationship

If you haven’t learned this about me by now, you should know that I am intrinsically averse to the concept of replacing one-on-one connection with organizational participation. For example, when a Jesus follower gets to know a neighbor and begins to truly care about the status of their neighbor’s soul, the default solution is to […]

The Veil of Propriety

Early in my career, our digital agency staff went to lunch at a burger joint. While we sat and ate our burgers, the president of the company announced that I would henceforth have a new nickname. He dubbed me Mister Confrontational. I was a bit surprised. In my world, conflict is typically caused by a […]

Wife Appreciation Wednesday

That's right, it's Wife Appreciation Wednesday, where we husbands give credit and thanks to the wonderful women in our lives. On this second day of 2008, I have every reason to brag on my wife. Four days before Christmas, my wife went into labor. Because of her personal convictions about health and wellness, she chose […]

New Year’s Nation

What are YOU doing for New Year's Eve? Are you connected to the hottest NYE celebration in the U.S.? If not, you'll be missing out on one of the premiere events of 2007/2008. Check it out: The biggest New Year's Eve Party in the country is brought to you by New Year's Nation. More than […]