That's the million dollar question. Just minutes ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones held a press conference on ESPN Radio where he urged football fans nationwide to switch to satellite. Two days from now, the Dallas Cowboys will face the Green Bay Packers on NFL Network

I was livid until I heard Jones say that fans in both the DFW region and Green Bay will both be able to watch the game on a regular broadcast channel. If you live in the Dallas area, tune in to Channel 27 KDFI at 7pm. So crisis #1 solved. I get to watch the game.

The truth remains, however, that Dallas and Green Bay are the two most popular teams for nationwide televising. That means that millions of people nationwide will be looking for a place that has Dish Network or DIRECTV or making the switch themselves from cable in order to watch this game.

But answer me this: are you hardcore enough that a football game will make you switch providers? Will you switch from cable to satellite just to watch more football? Drop me a comment with a yea or nay. I really want to know. Because honestly, I'm cheap. I don't have cable OR satellite. I get enough shows that I want to watch on prime time broadcast. Of course, that may change with the writer's guild strike. But there is NO WAY that I'm signing up for satellite tv just to watch the Dallas Cowboys, and I love my Cowboys.

I would have searched high and low for somewhere to watch the game. There is a movie grill not too far away that usually puts the Cowboys game on a theater sized screen, and I've watched there once. That wasn't bad at all. I could do it again. But it's the principle of the thing. Don't take away my team just to sell me on satellite tv. Seriously.

So I'm glad that as a local Dallas fan, I'll get to watch the game as usual from the comfort of my own home. I'll be cheering on my Boys while my wife watches on with dismay over the loss of an evening.  

6 responses to “Can the Dallas Cowboys Convince You to Switch to Dish Network or DIRECTV?”

  1. Well, I may just be really defiant – but this is the kind of thing that would make me want to NEVER be a dish customer. No way I am going to reward anti-competitive behavior like that. Bleh.

  2. Good to hear from you, Russ! I didn’t know you were still lurking around in the shadows. 😉

    Luckily for me, I’ll get to watch the Dallas game. But if I were a hardcore NFL fan and wanted to have access to every game, I’d have to make the switch. NFL Network is intentionally covering a couple of the biggest games of the year in order to help get people to switch to satellite.

    Sadly, I think the NFL will accomplish in one week what millions of marketing ad dollars couldn’t do. Jerry Jones predicted that subscriptions would easily rise from 30 million to 70 million just over the next week or two.

    If that turns out to be true, you can be sure that more moves like this will be made in the future. Get people hooked, and then lead them by the chain.

  3. I am really not sure what to think about The Dish Network, The NFL, and Jerry Jones…. I mean really if you think about it The NFL network could lock out the local venues also and probably eventually will. I think I am with you I would just make a night of it call up some buddies and go see the game somewhere else. My big question really is: why don’t the cable companies have the NFL network ? Why are they letting this be a monopoly? Jerry’s just doing business I think….

  4. It’s not a question of “letting it be a monopoly” since the NFL network can license their channel to whoever they choose. They could put it out for free on YouTube if they wanted.

    The entire idea is to screw over cable customers. That includes sports bars that have cable, your next-door neighbor, and people in apartments that have rules against little dishes.

    Also, satellite, unlike cable, usually has contract periods (a year or more). It’s all about customer lock-in. It simply doesn’t matter to me how much I love the NFL – I’ll just forego the “privilege” of watching their advertising-soaked features for now.

    Cable vs Dish should be about consumer choice. The customer wants a channel, the provider wants to offer it, but the channel would rather LOSE potential customers in order to more fully control the customers they have left.

    Not a company/group I want to support.

    The silver lining for me is that such tactics rarely work out over the long term. If people were not signing up for satellite there is a REASON they are not. Forcing them to be your customer just gives you a lot of unhappy customers who would really rather be customers of your competitor. Do companies really think it is better to have customers that hate them and wish for their demise in the marketplace?

  5. I don’t know how much validity there is in Jerry Jones’ statements. Jerry claimed that NFL Network was refusing cable companies to avoid the sub-par programming packages that would inevitably be offered.

    I didn’t get the whole picture, but it sounded like Jones was saying that cable companies might offer high priced programming packages that really rip off the customers.

    Now that I think of it, it does sound a little kooky. I’m not really worried so much about the reasons behind WHY. I just know that it’s exclusionary and unfortunate.

  6. Russell, I think your completely right about forcing customers to use the service ….. I had TXU for the longest time … and when I got my bill ….well i wont even mention the thoughts that went through my head finally Reliant came on board and I was thrilled to cancel with TXU … I almost felt sorry for the CSR at TXU that I called and who I cancelled with….. Maybe its Big Business in general especially with these service providers there is defeinitely a fall in what the consumer actually gets … I mean if your the average consumer and you use a cell phone, electric, cable, GAS, Insurance( see daniels blog about farmers) your probably getting the short end of the stick and paying too much for it … its sad if you really think about it.

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