The question is: will an online bowling pro shop ever be more popular than a store inside a brick and mortar bowling alley? Bowling has been considered by some to be a dying sport. Hell, some people don’t even think bowling qualifies as anything more than a hobby. Other than the citizens of podunk towns with nothing more than a Wal-Mart and a bowling alley, who under the age of 35 really cares about bowling?

Apparently, bowling as a sport is still going strong. From office leagues to college courses and late night adventures, bowling alleys have become a haven for people from all walks of life – and they have to buy their bowling supplies somewhere. While the traditional bowling store inside the building would seem the obvious choice, the online bowling pro shop has gained serious momentum.

Everything from Ebonite, Hammer, and Columbia bowling balls to Dexter bowling shoes are now available online, so you can shop from the convenience of your home, office, or public wi-fi spot. Why subject yourself to the prices of a bowling alley when you can shop online and find the best deals on bowling balls, shoes, towels, and other gear?

Showplace Lanes is the nearest decent bowling alley to my house. If I’m going to bowl anywhere, it will be there. Granted, I don’t frequent the lanes very often, but Showplace is the place for me. I’m loyal to the lanes, but not the shop. When it comes to shopping, don’t get between me and a deal. But I’m no scrooge. I want quality, and I want competitive pricing. That’s why I would only consider buying equipment online.

Food for thought. Feel free to comment.

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