• BMI: Bodyweight Mass Index

    Models in a recent fashion show were actually turned away for being too thin. Women were accepted or denied based upon their BMI, or bodyweight mass index. BMI is found using two measurements: a person’s height and a weight. While not always a uniformly accurate or fair form of mesaurement, it seems to be a workable method for scenarios such as fashion shows. 0-18 dangerously underweight 19-25 normal 26+ overweight Women scoring 18 or below were turned away. It has caused some controversy.

    Skinny, nearly dead women everywhere are up in arms, though it looks more like a toothpick revolution. Women on the opposite end of the BMI scale seem to feel somewhat justified that the skinny girls are finally being told that they are unhealthy, not voluptuous. This is a tricky subject. Far too many women have been encouraged to starve themselves to look good. We cannot condone this obsessive lifestyle.

    Women have intrinsic value regardless of size, color, or shape. Each person is unique and valuable. We need to back up statements like these by practicing what we preach. On the flip side, however, there are women who can eat whatever the heck they want as often as they want, and they still stay thinner than most of us can ever dream of becoming. Why should a woman have to endure snide looks and vicious remarks from overweight women simply because she was born with a predisposition to be thin? It’s no more fair than treating an overweight woman as though she is repulsive.

    This subject is near to my heart because my wife is regularly misjudged. She literally cannot help the fact that she is gorgeous and thin. She does not shy away from food, trust me on that! The girl can melt a whole stick of butter for one meal! As a matter of fact, we have made it our mission to eat more fats and proteins than most people. My wife would like to gain a little more weight, but is finding it difficult. It is my hope that women will begin choosing to heal rather than hold all of their hurts inside and lashing out at each other. Every person who needs to lose or gain weight should empathize with the plight of others and wish them the best in their endeavors.

    Just remember before you judge that large or small person that sometimes genetics is involved, and give the person the benefit of the doubt.