Kobe Bryant is still pushing for a trade. The three teams he’s interested in: Chicago, Phoenix, and Dallas. I don’t think he’s seriously interested in Dallas. But he would surely play with the amazing talent of Phoenix or be the center of attention in Chicago. Some people say that Jerry Buss won’t consider giving up his only remaining franchise player. I don’t know anything about the guy, but apparently he takes entertaining Hollywood celebrities very seriously. And big names come to see big names.

Halfway across the country, rumor is that Minnesota is entertaining bids for Kevin Garnett. While they’re apparently not actively shopping him around, they are listening to what other teams have to say. His contract is so expensive that they simply can’t afford to build a decent team around him.

Everyone keeps mentioning Boston, but who wants to play for Boston? Seriously. Boston couldn’t attract Top 20 talent no matter what. Paul Pierce is talented. So what? The Eastern Conference is weak. It doesn’t matter that the Pistons won a championship. No Eastern team can compete with San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, or even Golden State (heck, maybe Denver too). The league is ridiculously imbalanced and no Top 20 player is going to want to give up the goods unless there’s a legitimate shot at a title.

Minnesota can’t heal its wounds. It’s a lame duck like Atlanta. Los Angeles can’t afford to lose Kobe to a Western team and no one in the East has anyone worth trading for.

Still, chances are that one of these marquee players will be traded. So who’s it going to be, and where do they go?

3 responses to “Biggest NBA Summer Trade: Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant?”

  1. Kevin G has been in the off season trade rumor circus for the past 3 years. Unfortunately for KG – a player who as a lot of heart and passion is in a catch 22 because he also is getting paid – don’t think any time wants to give up that much in-house equity to get him- Chicago could have gotten him last year but the deal fell through because Minnesota wanted to much- when the time comes that KG is on another team he will be washed up and slow less aggressive settling for jump shots etc.. i dont even consider him an awsome player any more- hes just solid well atleast with his current team- there are five power forwards I would take before KG at this point in his career:
    1. Duncan
    2. Stoudamire
    3. Nowitzki
    4. Brand
    5. Okafor

    As for Kobe – Phil Jackson is going to put the voodoo on him. He’s going to be a Laker for life unless he catches another rape case. The guy might be a great player- but he will never be Jordan-like. Wade’s closer to being like Jordan than he is. I hope Kobe stays in LA where he belongs. I’d take Steve Kerr before Kobe.

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