I’ve written twice this week about the content I focus on, whether it be television, radio, music, news, books, blogs, and tweets. It’s very true that the content we absorb and constantly wash our minds with determines the inclination of our emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. All that information takes up residence in our memories and must be housed. Contrary to popular belief, the mind does not lose or discard “irrelevant” information. That information is simply stored differently.

It’s possible, however, to only pour “godly” or “Christian” content into your eyes and ears and still be far away from God.

He is always present, but your heart’s orientation can still be far from Him. I don’t want anyone to have read this week’s posts and think that all they must do is stop pouring junk into their minds. That is an important step, but it is not the step that ultimately leads us into intimacy with the Father.

We must each have the desire to pursue Him. A clean and swept house that is not filled will eventually be darker than it was previously. This is not something to fear, but a truth to respect and believe. If you’re coming out of a deep dark hole and you think behavioral changes will keep you safe, you have been misinformed.

Most God dealings are shrouded in mystery. Let’s go ahead and acknowledge that and get it out of the way. There is no PERFECT explanation for how most things happen to draw us closer to God in intimacy. We see in part, for certain.

Somewhere in these mysterious dealings with our Father, I am drawn. Slight hungers and thirsts deep in my core. In the pit of my stomach or breadbox area. I long for Him. I feel the draw. It’s not always there. But when it is, I have more faith to draw near. For the briefest moment, my heart is not completely numb toward Him. And if I pay attention and honor that moment as a pivotal point in my life, I respond to the Father with an open emotional posture. I ask Him to come. I tell Him I long for Him. I tell Him I love him. I let myself cry when necessary to maintain the posture of longing that begins to swell in my being.

And I know He is pleased. He already accepts me fully. But He is pleased by the moments I choose to nurture that longing and cause it to swell within me. It is the faintest romance. But it is where I start. It is where I am.

I am not intimate or close to God because I set pop culture aside. I am intimate because I am sensitive and attentive to my own spirit and when I sense that a moment has come, I love on Him a little. I cast my cares at His feet. I let it all hang out and just BE near Him.

He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Come. Let us seek Him together.