Is it so wrong to wish that everything in the house would function properly for at least one uninterrupted year? This time it’s a leak between the toilet tank and the wall. I’ve purchased some new parts which, of course, do not fit. It took me a week just to make it to Home Depot after hours. Now I’ve got to go twice in as many days. Not good.

Historically, I’ve not been known as a handyman (though I did work for Handyman Matters…briefly). Each time something goes wrong around the house, it’s like reality is banging on the door, demanding that I participate in more than just the little sphere I’ve carved out for myself.

That brings up issues concerning technology, civilized society, and a whole slew of others. We won’t discuss those just yet. I’ve been reading Jacques Ellul’s book, The Meaning of the City, and it sparks all kinds of questions. I’ll discuss these more later.

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