It’s the million dollar question I’ve faced time and time again. Each time you step up to the plate to write, you have a question to answer: who am I going to be this time?

The way you choose to start your blog post says a lot about who you are. Are you a story teller? If so, are your stories funny, heartwarming,  or shocking? Or do you begin with a question? Possibly an anecdote?

How much will you talk about yourself versus others? Is your blog post for your own personal therapy, or does it exist to help others? Are you in it for money, popularity, influence, respect, or companionship?

There are so many questions. So many opportunities. So many choices.

This is where many of us begin to feel overwhelmed.  After all, what if there’s a formula that will guarantee success? And who will you be if you tailor your thoughts to fit that formula? Who are you now? Are you more or less authentic if you change your style and your voice in order to succeed?

How you answer each of these questions will determine the path you take.

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