I ask a lot of questions. I always have. As a child and teenager, this made me HUGELY unpopular and, let’s admit it, labeled me early on as less cool than the last kid picked for dodgeball.

Why do so many people pretend they understand when they don’t?

If you can answer this question to my satisfaction, so that I understand the majority of the universe, I will give you one of my fave Pilot G-2 pens.

I am at a loss when I see people nod stupidly to some half-assed explanation or instruction and then slink away to do… well… something. Not what was asked, to be sure. But something, dangit! People seem to prefer to guess and fill in the blanks rather than get clarification straight from the source. I do not understand this, but apparently it’s one of the principal approaches to being cool, and I did NOT receive the memo.

I remember asking five times as many questions as the people around me. My peers have always looked at me with this “why is he breaking the code?” kind of look. My teachers and bosses have always seemed to appreciate the practice, though. Which, of course, doesn’t contribute to the COOL factor either.

If you are one of the COOL kids, let me know, please. What’s in the secret sauce? Why is it cool to not hear or understand what someone has told you? Seriously. I want to know.

5 responses to “Asking Questions Just Isn’t Cool”

  1. I am not one of the cool kids, but I will tell you what I think: routinely asking questions is an admission of ignorance. It takes a confident person to make such an admission. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Such curiosity can only lead to a wealth of knowledge.

    • See, where were YOU when I was being cast into outer popularity-darkness??? I could have used that voice of reason. 🙂

      I agree. To ask for clarification or to ask someone to repeat makes you look less competent in many people’s minds. I’m not sure why. I don’t expect anyone to be able to hear and understand EVERYTHING I say the first time.

  2. As for what’s in the cool sauce, it’s stupidity. That is what makes them cool, they are just too stupid to realize they don’t know any better.


  3. I never asked many questions. Maybe I was too naive and trusting. Maybe as a people-pleaser, I didn’t want to rock the boat. I also think it might be partly a difference in personality. Some people want to know everything about everything. Some of us don’t care unless it’s something that matters to us. Sometimes it doesn’t even occur to me to think about things from a different perspective unless someone brings it up. Maybe it’s the way my brain is wired. You know, I did fall on my head as a child. 🙂

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