If a planet killer asteroid is headed toward you, do you follow the rules that will cost you your life? Or do you break from protocol to save the world?

Life is too short to waste on continuously dreaming impossible dreams.

To camp out in the land of disappointed, deferred hope is suicide.

Either we surrender our dreams and satisfy ourselves with simpler pleasures or we break outside our current box of “what is possible” and find new ways and new resources to make the impossible possible.

These are our only two real choices.

Life is About the Journey

One way to find your destiny is to grab the vine next to you. Have fun swinging on it. Then grab the next vine in your path – eventually you cross the jungle and your dream is realized.

Sadly, many of us see no vine to swing from that hasn’t already failed. So we hang still on the vine that stopped a while ago, and we see nowhere to go from there.

There may very well be more vines within reach to grab onto, but they don’t look like the vines we swung from before. When we don’t recognize the opportunities, we don’t take advantage of them.

How Do We Begin to See What We Can’t Already See?

Start listening to that quiet voice nudging you inside your self. Logic and tradition tell you what is and what isn’t a proper decision or choice. But when you come to the end of your rope (or in this case, vine), those limitations really don’t matter any more, do they?

In the new CBS prime time show, Salvation, there’s a “planet killer” asteroid heading toward earth. Grace Barrows can help the genius entrepreneur to sidestep the government and save the planet from extinction, if only she’ll break protocol and secretly export six barrels of uranium from a secret government facility.

She has never broken the rules before. She’s a rule follower, and proud of it. But now, humanity is on the line, and the government is still obstructing the efforts to save the world with their everyday protocols.

But everyday protocols have no place in a end-of-the-world scenario, right? What good does it do to follow propriety if everyone dies? What good does it do to “be a good soldier” if no one survives?

Follow Protocol or Survive?

In your own way, you have a similar choice to make. You’ve followed protocol (aka conventional thinking) for so long. And yet, you’re not thriving. You’re barely surviving.

Yet you won’t break from tradition. How does that make sense? Do you remember the definition of insanity?

“Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”

You’ve got to look for the vines that don’t look like your vines. Those are the vines that could actually save you.

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