I thought we had another water pipe blockage. First, we could hear the water pump was running off and on every few seconds for about half an hour. Next, the toilet sounded like it was pumping more air than water after each flush. Last, the kitchen sink poured at less than half strength.

After filling a few tall jars for the short term, I put on my muck boots and headed out the door toward the spring. Every other time we’ve had a water stoppage, it’s been due to a dead frog stuck in the pipes.

I took five steps out the door when I heard a strange sputtering sound. On the front side of the house, a water spigot was pouring out water into the rose bushes. This may have been going on for two hours… not long enough, I would have thought, to drain our reserve tank, but long enough to prevent us from having water in the house.

Those $#*% dogs! They get into everything, and this makes the third time they’ve somehow managed to turn the spigot knob to full blast.

We may have to put locks or cages around those faucets to protect our water reserves.

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