If you have time and the ability to read this website, you probably have the money to follow my instructions. Those of you who literally visit your local public library just to have internet access do not qualify. One of my biggest beefs with my parents’ and grandparents’ generations is that they seem to take for granted that conventional wisdom is indeed actually wisdom. They scolded children for following the crowd into misbehaving yet believed it a virtue to follow the conventional wisdom of others without question.

The lack of critical thinking can play a significant role in pregnancy and the life of your children. What expecting mother wants to do something that hurts her baby or increases her baby’s risk of disease? No sane mother, you would say, and you would be right except for one small problem: expecting mothers are putting their babies at risk over and over due to poor judgment and a lack of perspective. For instance, you decide to paint your baby’s room before he or she is born. You want everything to be right.

You’re the mother, and you want it just so. Do you go to the store and buy conventional paint? No! Don’t be ridiculous! Don’t you know that conventional paints have formaldehyde and other toxins which are dangerous for months when inhaled, not to mention when first applied? Do you want to introduce unnecessary toxins to your child during the most formative time of the child’s life? I didn’t think so. That’s why companies like Anna Sova are so important. No, I’m not a rep for them, and I’m not an employee. Actually, I applied for a position that they gave to someone else. But they do make good products which are safe for people and safe for the earth.

Their milk-based paint, though not as simple to apply as conventional latex paint, does not contain the harmful toxins which are found in all conventional paints – including Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, Ralph Lauren, etc. Whole Foods Market is another essential resource for hopeful, pregnant, or nursing mothers. Liquid pre-natal vitamins establish a healthy foundation for the conception of a child. Exercise prepares the woman’s muscles to handle the stress and strain of pregnancy and birth, not to mention making the recovery process much better. Organic vegetables – especially those grown beneath the earth (like carrots) – provide us all with the nutrition we need without the extremely poisonous pesticides. The list goes on and on.

From the toxic pesticides in your new cotton clothing to the ADHD aggravating corn syrup, there are poisons your body and your baby’s body do not have to ingest. Before you give some bogus excuse about not having the time to do the research, take half of your daily MySpace or phone time and explore annasova.com and Whole Foods Market. Pick important keywords and search Google or Teoma for “organic pregnancy” or “organic solutions when pregnant”.

Read a couple pages at a time. A few minutes here and there could prevent unnecessary allergies, proclivities to illness, immune system weakness, and many more challenges you would never wish upon the most precious little life you have ever known.

One response to “Anna Sova Paint: The Solution to Toxic Exposure”

  1. Actually, Anna Sova paint is HORRIBLE.

    We bought a gallon of it at Green Depot in Chicago and used it in our bathroom. The odor is strong and it has not dissipated at all the past three weeks. What is causing the odor? My guess is that the unidentified -cides are doing it. Yes, this paint is not very ‘green’ after all. It contains fungicide, bactericide, mildew retardant, and preservative. What fungicide, you ask? Who knows! They don’t get into specifics. I’ve emailed twice and gotten no answer, so I suspect it’s bad.

    This is typical greenwashing, in my opinion: sounds great, but is actually full of crap. To make matters worse, we paid around $80 for this one gallon of paint (I know! We’re suckers!) that we’ll most likely have to paint over. We’ve used traditional milk paints purchased from Bioshield (they no longer offer it) and yes, traditional milk paints have to be mixed with water, go on unevenly, and can’t be washed. But guess what? They don’t contain unknown, possibly dangerous ingredients! They are in fact ‘green.’

    Stay away from Anna Sova Paint. Truly! It’s awful.

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