It’s like God flipped a switch in me this past week. I can’t tell you exactly when it happened, but I remember realizing it had happened. One day, I just realized that my countenance feels brighter, my head feels less topsy turvy, and my outlook is positive and excited. I’ve been talking like it’s going out of style.

Ten years ago, somebody gave me a word to study the mind of Christ. Oddly enough, someone else in our group had a study book on the mind of Christ, so I half-heartedly looked through it. I never finished the book, and I set the prophetic word aside. I was maybe 20 years old, and I was more interested in having a power ministry or being the prophetic guy everyone was awed by.

This summer, God brought me back. He started telling me to renew my mind. I held on to the word, this time, because I realized that He had given me a set of directives over the years that, had I followed them, would have amounted to mind renewal. This is obviously important. I got that much. So I agreed in my heart that this was that season.

As a prophetic act of agreement, I bought this domain name from a guy in Atlanta. is now the place where I will chart the journey, the Scriptures, and the thoughts which lead to a renewed mind and my transformation.

So, as I was saying, it’s like God flipped a switch in me this week. And I noticed that the concept of renewing my mind has taken on a completely different feel. It is an opportunity now, not a duty. My desires have been transformed. Where once I looked at this as a command for all good Christians to work at, I now see it as the blessed opportunity to arrive at a stronger faith and intimate relationship with God. It’s a small change in some ways, but the effects are profound.

As Jack Deere says, a lover will out-work a servant every time. If we have a servant/slave mentality, we may work hard because we have to. But a lover, or one who enjoys the other, will work harder because they are compelled to do so by their love.

One thing I’ve wanted most is to experience that transformation of thinking from a man who has to do what God says because he is Lord to a man who gets to do what God says because he is the beautiful and precious Bridegroom.

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