Okay, by now, everyone on the face of God’s green earth has auditioned for one season of American Idol or another. Enough! Please!!! This stupid show is wrecking my programming schedule. They keep flopping shows around each week, playing reruns, and generally pissing me off.

Tuesday used to be one of my favorite days for prime time television. I would watch NCIS on CBS at 7pm and then House MD on Fox at 8. But stupid American Idol has to take up two freakin’ hours to show us that most of these singers are karaoke champs at best.

Don’t get me wrong… I watched the first three weeks of psychos and screw ups. But the fun is over, and the sub-par talent has taken over. I can’t stand it.

Thankfully, Wednesday evenings just became my favorite evenings for prime time tv. Now I can switch from Bones to Crossing Jordan to LOST in one fell swoop. Heroes appears to have disappeard (did the season end when I wasn’t paying attention?), but I can deal with that as long as I get one or two days a week of my favorite shows. Grey’s Anatomy still rocks Thursday, and I’m waiting to see on Friday if Raines will be a hit. I’m a HUGE Jeff Goldblum fan. The kind of wit I like comes from guys like Goldblum, John Cusak, and Robert Downey Jr. They rock.

March Madness is in full swing, so we’re going to miss NUMB3RS for at least one week.

Am I the only one irritated by the total prime time domination of American Idol?

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  1. You are right about sub-par talent. I’ve been watching American Idol, and only about 4 of the girls can sing. They need to eliminate the others and get it over with.

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