i crush my cigarette in the ash tray one last time
one last time i feel the sweet heavy burden on my chest
we weren’t meant to live forever, i heard someone say
steel resolve pulses through my veins
i may not live forever…

…but i won’t leave her to face it all alone

it’s all for you, i cry with silent tears
to meet your needs and ease your fears
a child inside breaks
the strain of too much reality
i never asked to be born, he whispers painfully
i did not ask for this…

…i stand silently and awkwardly
allowing the moment of weakness to pass
before changing the subject to ease the tension

it’s not that truth is so bad… no… not really
it’s that lies are so much more comfortable
it’s that life is hard enough when you’re keeping track of lies
even without adding the burden of truth

in the background, a child’s cry can still be heard
softly now, rhythmic like a rocking chair
gently caressing and soothing itself with misery

it’s all for you, i heard her say
i’m waiting, softly waiting,
hoping you will make it to me
hoping for what could and will be

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