these overcast skies
chase fears of burning heaven from my eyes
the overbearing gleam
can blind a mind so dull as mine
and the dazzling brilliant blue
an agonizing hue
forever etched behind my pupils
as eyes like mine
seek to crawl away and hide rather than to find
a crystal clear reflection
of what i thought i knew

and should i come unglued, perhaps,
before the light’s subdued
offer up a prayer, a wish,
or something misconstrued
perchance in undeserving kindness i’ll receive
your palm, upraised
before my eyes perceive
whichever token
destiny has chosen me to leave

and should we make it just in time
arriving breathless in the shade
as if by Fortune’s grand design
then i will dance for what we’ve made –
a solace, a shelter, a place to rest awhile
and setting sun will hide its face
relieved, you’ll manage half a smile
for this, our little saving grace
and pray that mem’ry soon will lose
the path we felt we had to choose

written by Daniel Dessinger
January 18, 2006

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