It’s been months since I have worked on location anywhere. Traffic has been a wonderful rediscovery this week. There’s nothing like wasting $3.00 per gallon to drive twenty miles in order to work. I’m not complaining. Work is work. And Friday is the mark of reprieve. Regardless of whatever turmoil we have endured, Friday always saves the day. It is this special little day in which all is forgivable and hope is restored. Three evenings and two full days lie ahead, pregnant with possibility. What does the future hold? What will I do this weekend? I don’t even ask myself these questions most of the time because the weekend is just an addendum to the rest of the week. Today is an exception, however; one which calls for unique action. I think today I will do my best to make my wife’s desires a reality by helping her plant some flowers or shrubs in the front yard. She should get a treat for working so hard through adversity these past twelve months. I don’t tell her often enough how much she has blessed me. Yes, today is definitely shrub day. That will be it’s name.

I know it’s Cinco de Mayo, but I’m creating a holiday for my family. From here on, Shrub Day will be the first official Dessinger holiday, and we will have fun working together to cultivate our garden or improve on our landscaping. Sounds cheesy to some, I’m sure. So what! I’ve been complaining about our national holidays for too long without action. Let this be the first, if not the most unusual, of my family’s new holidays. We’ll celebrate the beauty of God’s creation and enjoy the work of our hands to shape something aesthetically pleasing. The term “Shrub Day” is, of course, subject to copyright and further legal action if copied… No, not really.

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