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A Family that Blogs Together Stays Together

My wife (Heather), my mother-in-law (Barbara, aka “Gigi”), and want to do something new. We want to blog. Together. On one site. That’s right. A family blog. Wait! Don’t click away! It’s not as boring as it sounds.

We are an unusual family, to say the least. Husband, wife, daughter, unborn child, and mother-in-law all under one not so roomy roof. We eat organic, make our own deodorant, co-sleep with our children, make our own tortillas (and even our own noodles now), wear foot-shaped shoes, and occasionally get a little friendly with the great outdoors. That’s right. We can be…. how do you say…. less than “normal.”

There are stories to tell. Seriously. Not sure who’s going to operate as the censor (probably me), but the challenge will be deciding what NOT to share at times rather than hunting for an idea. But right now, we’re searching for a domain name. We’ve put our heads together and come up with some really awesomely bad domain name ideas (kudos to Gigi for dated names including “journey” and “pilgrims”). We’ve yet to settle on THE ONE, but we’re mulling it over.

Meanwhile, Heather has become more frequent with her blogging at, and I have shed some dead weight. I am no longer the owner of or We are still in the transition process, but in the coming week or two, each site will be operated by people far more suited for the subject matters than me. A third site of mine is likely to move soon as well, though I’ll wait to mention that one until it’s a done deal.

The time has come to weed out some things and to build some new. For everything there is a season. We’re looking forward to what this next season holds.

If you have any stellar (or hilarious) ideas for blog domain names we should use, Please drop them in the comments below. You guys are awesome.

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