I’ve been thinking that this would make a good topic. Heather’s just now starting to get beyond the initial morning sickness phase. It was intense for three weeks. So here’s a list of the Top 10 foods Heather has craved during her pregnancy:

1. Green Olives – as disturbing as this may sound to you, Heather not only craved green olives, she literally ate nearly two bottles of green olives in one day. Yes, she ate them by themselves, and, wait for it….. she drank the juice. Major ick-factor.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies – one of the more enjoyable trips to the grocery store thus far consisted of extra chocolate stuffed chocolate chip cookie dough which we baked in the oven and ate with milk….mmmmm. Sadly, this was a short lived craving.

3. Potato Chips – the days of greasy food begin! On with the show!

4. French Fries – suddenly, the uber-healthy wife transformed into the uber-junk food wife. French fries were a popular culprit.

5. Vanilla Shakes – along the same vein as #3, Heather developed a sudden need for vanilla shakes twice a day.

6. Mango & Pineapple – though this one was short lived, it was good to see her craving something that represented an actual food group

7. Limes – yes, limes. Whole limes. She ate at least two limes with salt in one sitting. She just peeled them out of the rind, added salt, and down the hatch! Yeah, I couldn’t do it either.

8. Orange Juice – we’re starting to see a theme here. What is it about citrusy / tropical fruits that her body needs so desperately? Who knows, but I’m enjoying it too. Apparently, she’s not the only one in need of a few vitamins.

9. Popcorn – what is it about salty foods? Salt is apparently more important than we realize. She’s always liked popcorn, though. Maybe she has a sodium deficiency (shrug).

There you have it! The list is complete.

Strange how many things pregnancy affects that you don’t expect. Not only has Heather had wicked morning sickness, our eating habits are worse than when I was a bachelor (is that even possible?). This is due to the fact that for three weeks, Heather couldn’t prepare a meal without getting sick at the sight of it and then being unable to take a single bite. Hence, no more food prep… hence, fast food for Daniel….. hence, slightly rounder Daniel.

One can only hope that this extra roundness will not last. To quote Scripture (with a slight twist), “She must increase, and I must decrease.” So be it, God willing.

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