August 2016

Prediction: An Anti-Wifi Tech Industry Will Emerge

Apple leads the way with non-negotiable wireless technology built into more and more of its products. Wireless charging, Bluetooth headsets, wifi file sharing, streaming everything from “The Cloud.” As the innovator and tech brand people can’t seem to live without, Apple has continually set new standards before the market was ready to adopt. But Apple doesn’t care. Apple tells you what you want and what you need. Remove DVD drives to make space, reduce hard drive storage space, and promote a new Cloud-based system for accessing data. The problem is, constant streaming, wifi, and Bluetooth come at a cost. And […]

Just Because It’s Familiar Doesn’t Mean You Belong There

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. I’m sitting in the theater with my wife and kids this weekend to watch Pete’s Dragon. One of the previews shows a girl who dreams of a better life who learns to play chess. It turns out she’s really good and has the potential to play her way into a destiny far beyond the simple home where she grew up. Then came the voice that said, Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong. You belong where you believe you belong. It’s really that simple. That unexpected moment […]

I Switched Over To Medium Then Fear Paralyzed Me

Every time I get halfway through a post, this heavy weighing my chest and I can’t think clearly enough to complete another sentence. A few weeks ago, I published an article announcing my switch from WordPress to Medium. It’s not a popular move, let me tell you. Most people who blog professionally (read “makes lots of money blogging”) think I’m being foolish. But it doesn’t matter to me whether they’re wrong or they’re right, because whether search engines rank my pages isn’t my biggest problem. No, my biggest problem is that I’ve had to wrestle with myself to get anything […]