July 2016

I Stopped Considering Chronic Pain “Normal”

Basketball was my favorite sport to play as a teenager. I played three years at our private high school, at community college spring training, and multiple times per week at the local rec center. But I was never able to play without nagging fear after I turned 19, due to repeated injuries to both ankles. One of my biggest regrets in life is not heeding the doctor’s warning when he put the boot on my foot. Honestly, the whole testing and treatment phase was a blur — it barely registered. So when I took the protective boot off two weeks early and […]

Why I Switched to Medium After 11 Years of Self-Hosted WordPress

I began my WordPress odyssey one year after Heather and I married on an island beach in the Caribbean. So when I say that I’m leaving WordPress for another CMS, a lot of emotions are involved. It’s an odd predicament, transferring my 11 year-old blog from WordPress to Medium. It feels like quitting a job in which I’ve achieved mastery in order to do something entirely fantastical and, at least in the minds of some, entirely impractical. I want to take you briefly through the history of this site’s evolution and wrap up with some reasons why this change has […]

My Intermittent Fasting Story

It’s Day 1… 10:15am. Intermittent fasting has begun. I’ve literally been awake for two hours, and my stomach is growling more than I can recall in recent months. I feel nervous, as if I might explode before the day is done. Drinking so much coffee has me feeling bloated. I may need a couple extra emergency trips to the men’s room. But I’m committed. Not because I need to lose weight, although I really, REALLY do. Not because it will make me look better, though it really will. No, I’m doing this because I need momentum. One of the hardest […]