June 2016

What Is Our Purpose As People?

While I’ve spent considerable time on the question of my individual purpose, I can’t say I ever loitered very long on the issue of humanity’s purpose in general. Perhaps it’s because the question seems unanswerable. Growing up in the charismatic church, I heard plenty about our purpose being to know God and make Him known. And I don’t disagree, really. But what about life in the physical world? We were created physical beings on a physical planet for a physical purpose. But why? The first account of Creation tells us more about God’s heart on the matter. What He was […]

What Does Permaculture Have To Do With The Rapture?

If you visited Culture Feast since the relaunch, you’ve likely skimmed through the post on how Jacques Ellul challenges my eschatology (i.e. my understanding of how the End Times will unfold). I wouldn’t fault you if you stopped dead in your tracks and bailed after the first paragraph or two. After all, we all know at least one or two people who have used the Book of Revelation at the end of the Bible as a tool to teach people all kinds of weird and completely unprovable ideas. I get it. Most of us would rather just avoid John’s book […]

Mastering Pop Culture Might Not Make You As Amazing A Person As You Once Thought

A lot of you grew up, like me, burdened with the uber rules of a religious household. It was oppressive because parents were afraid of everything, from Dungeons and Dragons to Garbage Pail Kids to the Smurfs, a lot of churchy parents feared the influence of popular culture on their kids. The simplest answer was to remove pop culture from the home. Whether that meant removing the tv entirely or only allowing kids to listen to “Christian” music, moms and dads tried a lot of different things to keep the influence of the world away from their kids. There was […]

Radically Transform Your Life By Making One Tiny Change

I get easily distracted. Shiny objects, pretty blog themes, and social notifications are my kryptonite. So when I tell you that you can radically transform your culture one decision at a time, know that this is the voice of painful, failure-ridden experience talking. Save Your Starts For Mondays It takes A LOT for me to get moving, so I time my new ventures to coincide with events that will help me see it through. For example, I don’t try to start ANY new habits Tuesday – Sunday. It’s Monday or bust. First Monday of the month? Even better. First Monday of […]