March 2016

Everyone Has a Why. Not Everyone Is Proud of Theirs.

I’ve seen enough tv shows to be influenced by the passionate workaholic worldview of police officers, detectives, firemen, lawyers, and doctors portrayed on the screen. These people work late into the night, rarely seeing family, if they even have one left. They are career-obsessed, often believing they are obligated to save every last possible person to absolve themselves of some sort of past guilt. It’s a bit formulaic, I admit. That should cause the formula to lose its potency, but it doesn’t. The idea of being passionately engaged in one’s career still grips many of us as a moral imperative. […]

God’s Promise Means Prayer Time Is Over

You can’t Be The Change until you can be yourself. And you can’t be yourself until you see yourself as God sees you. As you pursue Him within the context of a social group, you start to receive words of knowledge and prophecies from other believers. And much of the time, God’s words about you sound like He’s talking about someone else. God sees you outside of Time. God himself is not subject to Time, so he knows you both as you were, as you are, and as you will be – all at the same time. So when God […]

Self-Named Domains Are Hit Or Miss

I’ve owned for many years now. At first it was going to be a supplemental personal blog. Then it was going to be a professional show-off-my-skills blog. Then it became a simple business card with links to other sites. Now it’s the archive of articles I’ve written across a dozen or more web properties, most of which I’ve since closed. Think of all the people who actually publish on their name domain, and who do something significant with that space.,,… There are more but I can’t recall them. So it’s easy to look at the idea […]