December 2015

Words Still Matter

Even in the ever-bloated Interwebs, words still count for something. There may no longer be equal opportunity for self-publishers because of the noise. But words still fit in the chain of changing each person’s outcome. Thoughts > Words > Actions > Habits > Lifestyles > Destiny Some people hate on words, because they aren’t actions, and actions “do”. But you could just as easily hate on thoughts because they don’t speak.  It’s an important link in the chain of designer destiny. There are thousands of thinkers who don’t speak for every speaker who doesn’t “do”. A person isn’t wiser or […]

What’s the Truest Sentence You Know?

Hemingway once said: All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.  Here goes: Each new day, just as the sun reaches the tops of the forest trees as it rises, a haze of confusion battles against the fear of being a disappointment, and they grapple until a winner is declared.

Choosing Action Is Better

There are days when nothing seems to make sense. When blogging is a fool’s errand. And all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch other people’s drama on the tube. Yesterday was one of those days. Indifference reared its ugly head and said, “I don’t care what everyone needs today. I don’t care about much of anything.” And after hearing the all too familiar spiel, I made my choice to do something else today. I chose to care.  And then I got up off my ass and did something. Photo credit: marc thiele via / […]

Lessons Learned From Running A Sports Forum

More than a year ago, I started a Facebook group. The subjects of focus are my favorite pro football and basketball teams. It’s nothing huge – maybe 120 members – but the engagement level is high among the top 20 percent. You learn a lot about people and yourself by running a forum. The dynamics of how people share, what people care about, what people will tolerate, what people won’t tolerate, and the breaking point at which friends become bitter are fascinating dynamics I’ve observed over time.