September 2015

The Beach Romance is Dead

On my third trip to the beach within the past year, I realized that beach romance is dead. I’m 38 years old, with three children who don’t really give me a moment’s rest. And going to the beach has become just another one of those parental tasks we do. This is life when you’ve spent most of your life damaging your body and a brief few years trying to heal it. Every task, even the supposedly fun ones, are a chore.

Movie Watching Is Emotional Aspirin

It’s 5:30AM. I just finished watching Jupiter Ascending. I’m not here to discuss the movie. Only what the movie means to me in this very moment. As I close the aluminum lid of my Macbook Pro, I sigh a contented sigh. I have successfully lived another adventure from the safety and security of the living room couch.

Is Marketing Evil?

There was a fellow student I admired in college both for all he had endured and all he planned to do with his life. Years later, we connected on Facebook and he reacted bitterly to my choice of profession. In his mind, all types of marketing were pure evil. Without us ever having a debate or disagreement of any substance, he unfollowed me and has never reached out to me again.

A Vision of Future Church Structure No One Wants To Hear

What do you do with a vision that no one wants to hear? Duh. You blog it. You share it with the Internet and let any who might be interested find it on their own. Imagine a different church structure than we currently see anywhere in the U.S. Imagine a decentralized church structure wherein the building becomes an obsolete expression of the faith. The Church building’s time is coming to a close

What is Your Mission Statement?

What do YOU do? It can be hard to define, especially when you have multiple skills and interests. But t until someone comes along and helps to make it stupid simple. Cut through all the distractions and fill in these three blanks: 

I’m Not Who I Once Was

It’s probably the name of a country song, but it’s real life to me. In my early twenties, I was full of pride about my potential, which had been spoken over me by various people in my church.  But callings and purpose and potential only take you so far. Then comes the real life stuff… the work. The becoming. The doing something that actually matters instead of talking about it.  Somewhere along the way, I no longer believed that I would live up to my potential. This terrifying dark thought crept in on me like an icy dagger: “What if […]