August 2015

Enjoy the Silence

There are things we do not say because we feel we can’t. There are words which would unravel all we have built. The castles in our minds. The images we have portrayed. So we project these silent images into space. By the sheer power of our heartfelt emotion. Beaming untold things to unknown beings. All so we can continue. To enjoy the silence.  

How Does the Rest of the World See You?

It’s fascinating how little we know about ourselves. It’s even more fascinating how much we discover we already knew once we have an expert tell us who we really are. Sometimes we’re just looking for affirmation or permission to be who we’ve always dreamed of being, but never truly stepped into.

Happy Birthday

This is your day. But first, a confession.  I confess that I’ve wasted far too many years and too many birthdays trying to invent the perfect birthday present. I’ve let myself feel too much pressure to the point of spending this day wallowing in shame and disappointment rather than in celebrating you. I don’t know what’s changed exactly. But whatever the cause, this day of this year feels different. It’s not about gifts or the perfect love language. I am thinking only of you. I am picturing the four year old Heather, the eleven year old Heather, and the fifteen […]

Aspirational vs Confessional Blogging

In a recent interview for ProBlogger, the original gangster of mommy blogging has announced her intention to cut the ball and chain. For Heather Armstrong of, blogging isn’t what it used to be. Now, a lot of mommy blogs are about documenting instead of storytelling. It’s a photo essay of their kid sitting on the countertop in perfectly clean clothes licking the cake spoon. It’s so curated. In beginning, it was all mess. People were craving honest stories about parenting. I think people are craving that again now, but bloggers are afraid to be that honest. Since blogging is so flush […]

What If God?

What if God wasn’t so much an abstract idea to be considered, but a glorious, majestic, and fearsome person to behold? What if we weren’t meant to idly chatter about each other’s misgivings about the religion our ancestors fed us but instead crawled on hand and knee across the desert to find Him?