July 2015

Observation is Free

Everyone has a talent. Maybe several. Mine are observation and introspection, hence the title.  Although many people seem oblivious to the world happening all around them, observation is easy in that you keep your eyes peeled and you pay attention. This may be strenuous exercise for the ADHD types, but otherwise it’s a pretty basic life skill. But there’s a logical next step to observation I’m not so motivated to engage. All the data gathered is useful when applied to a task like building a piece of furniture, designing an edible landscape, or planning a blog promotion.  What’s your greatest […]

Momentum Is a Fickle Thing

When you deal with chronic pain or disease, it’s easy to lose momentum. Or more accurately put, it’s fairly difficult to build momentum. But once momentum is achieved, you ride that sucker until you can’t ride no mo’.

Why Knowledge Is Necessary

It’s inconceivable that a child could live his whole life on a farm and not understand the plants and animals surrounding him. It’s tragic to think that I might be that same person as an adult, unaware of my surroundings and numb to the intricacies of this land I swore to steward. 

The Very First Introspection

Is the glass half empty or half full? I love this cliche because I have seen the transition from one view to the other in my own life. There were years when the glass wasn’t only half empty, it was bone dry. But years of marriage to this momentum-building woman facilitated the opportunity to see the world differently.