June 2014

Is My Brain Just Tingling

Or did it just explode? There’s nothing left to say because I am no longer a compelling subject. And all I’ve ever learned to say is about myself. Since no one actually cares who I am or what I think or even what I will become, this poor fool has taken it on the chin and come to grips with at least some reality.

I know myself.

Or I once did. So well that I could put my every thought and feeling down on paper. Then something happened. I'm not quite sure what it was. That's not true. I remember now. I suffered. Then I suffered some more. And now the words have been pressed from me like a grape.

I Really Have a Worldview… Promise

I’ve written for a dozen different blogs since I got started back in 2005. I bought more than 50 domain names in my quest for the perfect place to call home. I don’t believe I’ve ever spent more on a domain name than this one. Sidenote: that’s a sad fact since my wife isn’t crazy about it and would probably have preferred half a dozen other names I bought before this.