March 2012

Idealism Wins Hearts, Not Elections

ХудожникХудожникListening to the Republican debates, I find myself agreeing time and time again with the answers provided by Ron Paul. But as I think through the issues, I am bogged down by the realization that no matter how “right” Ron Paul may be, he’s still just one person, and most federal decisions are not made by a single man or woman.

A Word to William

There’s a man reading this named William. You’ve recently lost your job. Your spirit is crushed. I don’t quite understand the details. I get the sense that your job is directly involves investing/trading on Wall Street. I see you have an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re sitting on an idea God has breathed into you to create wealth. You are a Kingdom financier. Be encouraged. Be strengthened in spirit. Test the word. Pray over it. When He confirms and you have peace in your heart at the thought of stepping out, it will be time to lunge forward. Blessings upon your new […]