April 2011

Narrow Down the Playing Field

икони As some of you know, I own too many domains. Not just domains, I own too many blogs. The challenge has always been naming a blog something appropriate for the content it will provide. I’m not one of those people who knows exactly what he wants to do with ALL his time. I think of the TechCrunch guy, the LifeHacker chick, and various editors and lead writers for Gizmodo, Engadget, Joystiq, and others. These people devoted their lives to a subject. They blogged 6, 8, even 10 times a day, every single day, until their blogs were famous and […]

My 143rd Picture

Day 44 of GAPS Diet. I’m thinking more clearly. I’ve lost 25 pounds. My wife shared an important tip with me recently. Someone who’d done GAPS told her that once the brain is functioning better, there will still be coping mechanisms / habits to break. …

My 142nd Picture

i’ve been under the weather ever since we left Live Green Expo in Plano last Saturday. Mostly exhaustion, sinus drainage, and sneezes that cause my entire sternum to tingle in pain.

I’ve countered the nasal plague with lots of rest, fluids, and half …