March 2011

Turns Out I’m an ENTP

You know that post I wrote about how I’m back and forth between being an INFJ or an INTP? Well, scratch that. My indecision was predicated upon one simple misunderstanding: I am not an introvert. That’s right. Read it and weep, inner child. When it comes to personality types or medical diagnoses, it’s easy to misdiagnose when you’re not dealing with ideal circumstances. In my case, five years of ill-timed teenage peer rejection… “People with the ENTP personality type are unique in their ability to identify associations between anything, no matter how seemingly disparate those things are. They are at […]

A Personal Health Experiment: Life Without Corn or Grains

Mister Sensitive More than the average person, I seem to be sensitive to the foods, smells, and chemicals around me. I’ve experienced more than my fair share of mood instability due to undiagnosed chemical reactions to ingredients in my meals and beverages. It turns out that the ingredients I “love” the most are the ones that affect my mood the most. Like drugs, they elevate my mood into near mania and then cause me to crash, whether from insulin reaction or something else.