February 2011

Writing From the Genuine

“Can you write what is genuine?” I hear the voice whispering faintly to me. “Can you lay aside your ego, your reputation, and your desire to be liked long enough to write what is real? That thing that comes straight from the heart?

I Love This Lady

I’m hard pressed to find a photo these days of my wife not holding one of our children. So here she is, holding my beloved son, soaking in his gloriously soft baby skin. *     *     *     * Babe, as you go about your day today, just know that you are loved. There’s no way to tell you how grateful I am.

Cherish These Moments

I cherish moments like these. Watching Poppy walk across Starbucks with Katie to pick out some books to read. My little girl is so wonderful. My heart jumps and delights at the sight of her. And I treasure these moments when she can experience her Poppy and feel the security of his love and acceptance. He reaffirms what I’ve already instilled. There is something incalculably valuable about multi-generational relationships. Something tangible like the warmth transferred from a handshake or a hug. I am so blessed.