December 2010

Your SEO Is Building, Or Destroying, Your Online Reputation

I saw a post yesterday on Search Engine Land by Andrew Shotland that got me thinking. It should go without saying, but do you REALLY know that your SEO is affecting your reputation? Every email sent requesting links, every blog comment, and every fake review can come back to bite you in the ass. Let’s […]

When Employees Outshine the Brand

Unexpected News Today, we left our local Starbucks full of complicated and mixed emotions. We were told that this store will be closing mid-January due to low traffic volume and uncharacteristically high rent. Sigh. I’ve been bringing my daughter to this Starbucks since she was 15 months old. She’ll be turning three years old this […]

Four Levels of Reputation Monitoring Prowess

Everyone comes to the Reputation Monitoring party at one stage or another. Maybe you’re a rookie, bumbling around and covering up your mistakes because you don’t know any better. Maybe you’re an empath, getting dirty in the trenches while you ooze sympathy for everyone’s feelings. Perhaps¬† you’re a veteran, wise enough to know thy enemy […]

Three Years Later, Which ORM Tools Do You Trust?

I started back in 2007, when no one but a handful of people were using the term “Online Reputation Management.” Since then, a dozen other “buzz” words have been coined to represent the same thing as everyone tries to own a piece of a new pie. But we’re not a fledgling industry anymore. The […]

Topical Friends vs Historical

детско обзавежданеWhat does it mean that I have no close friends who share the same interests? I began to unravel this question just yesterday as I met a guy from church at the local coffee shop. We sat down to talk social media and blog promotion, and somehow my explanations turned into a relational retrospective.