January 2010

The Power of Your Story and Simple Choices to Participate

* Facebook friends, please read this entire blog post at DanielDessinger.comевтини мебели. It’s been a whirlwind of activity and sleep deprivation these past few days. I took the day off from work on Monday because I’d barely slept and was desperate to catch up. By the time Monday evening rolled around, it was easy to want to stay home and sleep. But Monday nights I meet up with a handful of guys from church and hang. I chose to go because we normally call or email in advance if we’re not going to make it.

Shake Off the Dust and Move On

* Facebook friends, please read this entire post at I was reading through a prophetic word I’d received back in 1997, and something stood out that I’d never really put much thought to before. Here’s what was said: …. There are many people even now trying to lead you down destructive paths. But I’m saying to you tonight: pray for them. Speak My Word into their lives. And if they don’t turn to My way, dust the feet. Shake off the dust and move on. Shake off the dust and move on.

Welcome to the GoogleNetz

A simple tweet this morning by Lee Odden caught me by surprise. He overheard a nine year-old say, “But Google IS the Internet!” And this unnamed child was right. Which brought me to an inevitable conclusion: Since Google IS the Internet, it therefore deserves more play in the name. From this moment on, we will refer to it as the GoogleNet, or for you swanky folks, the GoogleNetz or InterGooglez (also acceptable is the World Wide Googlez). So there you have it. Long live the GoogleNetz / InterGoogleez.

Call Forth the Pastors of Online Ministry

It is time to call forth social media pastors, healers, and evangelists! Have you noticed that the larger churches have made some serious upgrades to their website in 2009? Churches now have Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, and blogs. Their members who are getting it done in the workplace are stepping up and bringing their local churches kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Click to continue

What I’m Up To These Days

I’m determined to share more of my life in my blog this year. It’s been a back and forth proposition over the past few years. I’ve gone from full disclosure to secret anonymous personal blog to professional disclosure only to never really updating to now.