December 2009

Celebrating Four Years of Blogging

I missed a significant date in my history, and I can’t move on until I’ve given it 20 seconds of fame. Just over four years ago, I became a blogger. Though I can find a few instances of “blogging” I did years before, I consider my official beginning as a blogger to be November 1, 2005. That was the day I wrote my first post for entitled, “Welcome to CultureFeast”. It was the beginning of something greater than what it was. It was the beginning of my engagement with the social Web.

What Would Daniel Read?

Okay, so maybe WWDR will probably never take off as a popular acronym. But at least you CAN know what I’m reading and what I’ve enjoyed. Whether it’s spiritual or web related, there are TONS of books out there you don’t really need to read. So I’ve put together a list of books from authors I believe you can trust. This week I launched a bookstore on my websites. You can see what I’ve read and recommend and order straight from my sites. All orders go through

What Is Your Experience with Prophetic Ministry?

As I continue to “fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of (my) hands”, I find myself wondering what the majority of you have experienced in regards to prophetic ministry. If you’ve attended any churches like mine, you’ve probably encountered it at least once, where someone believes they have heard the Lord speak to them about something regarding you. Maybe it was a word of healing. Maybe a caution. Maybe it was a word of encouragement during a dry and dusty time of your life. Or maybe it was bizarre, off-the-wall, and […]

Finding That Place of Humility… Again

I keep trying to write new blog posts, and each time I get a check in my spirit. Don’t reveal that life lesson yet. I’m still working that in you. Not now. It’s deeply frustrating. Or as my two year-old daughter would say: “Angry. Angry. Pissing off.”

Why DallasProSports Doesn’t Cover Every Mavericks Game

Inevitably, someone somewhere asks why we don’t cover the Mavericks with the same zeal as the Cowboys. This, my friends, is a stupid question. However, while we may cover the Cowboys with more passion, we love us some Dallas Mavericks. We wish we could deliver live game blogging and postgame reports. We hope to get […]

Gushing Over My Little Girl

Today is my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It’s difficult for me to endure, because it’s so important to me and she doesn’t really understand what it means.
My chief desire for this day has been to make her feel cherished. If she could just walk away feeling loved and cherished, my heart would be satisfied. But alas, […]