November 2009

How Do You Respond to Adversity?

We are walking through this issue in this very hour. A blessing we expected God to deliver has been withheld, at least for a time. Looking with natural eyes, we’d be tempted to feel lost and abandoned to a vision-less and terrifyingly empty scenario. But I don’t feel yet compelled to release this expected blessing. […]

Behavioral Changes Don’t Equal Intimacy

I’ve written twice this week about the content I focus on, whether it be television, radio, music, news, books, blogs, and tweets. It’s very true that the content we absorb and constantly wash our minds with determines the inclination of our emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. All that information takes up residence in our memories and […]

Changing What You Listen to Could Change Your Life

I came across this blog post today via Twitter. It so closely mirrored the heart of what I wrote yesterday that I had to give you a taste here. JBMavrich writes of how he spent his daily commute to and from work (read his entire post here):
I turned my sights to music, revisiting albums of […]

Day 101: Yoga and VFF Classics… Not So Much

You read it right: I’ve completed my third yoga practice since last week, and I’m here to tell you it’s the hardest physical exercise I’ve ever encountered. I was fairly confident that my FiveFingers Classics would excel in yoga forms and stretches, but not so. No matter how I tightened my VFFs, my heels kept […]

My Grandfather’s Sermon Audio Now Online

It’s been a long, drawn out process that I’m not at liberty to discuss with you yet, but I’ve finally managed to start posting my grandfather’s sermons in the form of a podcast.
As a healing evangelist, Lennard Darbee traveled the States and the world, preaching and teaching from his heart. I’m blessed to have the […]

Christians Aren’t As Popular As Jesus

Jesus would have been much better received today than most Christians are. Coming from an evangelical Christian background, I can testify that most Christians I know believe that they are rejected from society because of their moral standards. “Hollywood is so corrupt! Politicians are so corrupt! The Media is so corrupt!”
But didn’t Jesus encounter corruption […]