What Do YOU Want to Be When You Grow Up

“Danny, what do YOU want to be when you grow up?”

That question always puzzled me as a boy. What do I want to be? How the heck should I know? I have to BE something? What for? Why didn’t I get that memo? And am I REALLY going to grow up and be an adult like you?

People’s expressions taught me that it wasn’t okay to not have an answer to this most important question. I, of course, did NOT have an answer, so I made one up. The two answers I used most often were “I want to be a basketball player” or “I want to be a pastor.”

Nice combo, eh? The basketball player part is obvious. Basketball is fun. I was okay at it. I had dreams of being better. People did it for a living and no one asked THEM what else they wanted to be. So that was as good an answer as any. But the pastor thing? I have no idea where that came from. Seriously. I didn’t actually WANT to be a pastor. I didn’t much care for the pastor we had, and he was my only pastoral role model.

So there’s a mystery for you. Why did I say I wanted to be something I didn’t actually want to be? Why not a policeman, fireman, astronaut, doctor, or something “normal”?

You got me. I have no clue. But that’s what I chose.

Here I am. 32 years old. Still asking myself this question. What DO I want to be? What is deepest, truest passion? What is it that would most fulfill me in my life?

If I had to guess, I’d say that the reason I didn’t have any aspirations as a child was because I had never heard of or imagined the purpose God has for me. It’s hard to say you’re going to be a nuclear physicist when you’ve never heard of even an ordinary physicist, right?

Right. And I’d never heard of a prophetic person, or prophecy in any context until much later (and even then, the only context was of end-times prophecy which I don’t worry too much about). So it’s ironic that I chose to tell people I wanted to be a pastor, because that was the only member of the fivefold ministry I’d heard of at that stage in my life.

Sadly, I STILL don’t know what a full-time prophetic ministry looks like. I see John Paul Jackson, but he’s into these international prophetic training schools. That’s great, and much needed, but I don’t want to leave my wife and family every few days to travel the world. I also see Rick Joyner, but I’m honestly not sure what he does. He’s written very popular books, of course, but I guess he sort of runs a church, like a pastor. I’m not into being a pastor. I know that’s not my particular set of giftings or interests.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I have an idea of what church SHOULD be, and it incorporates all members of the fivefold ministry: Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers. I’ve never seen a model of this in the real world, but I think it makes perfectly logical sense that the fivefold ministers should be actively working together to train and grow the Body of Christ. What a concept! A pastor, a prophet, an evangelist, and a teacher all working together! Does that ever happen?

Since most churches are built upon a pastor/teacher’s charisma, insight, or gifting, it’s rare to see church leaders share the spotlight or the power. They’ll call it whatever they like, but they’re really running a corporation as the CEO.

Back to my original dilemma. I actually know what I’m called to. But I don’t know what it looks like. And I don’t have the faintest idea how it generates income without being oogly (i.e. creepy and dangerous). I’m ready to make a move. I’m ready for transition. But I don’t yet see what I’d be transitioning into.

Watching Edward Kennedy’s Memorial Service

I hate funerals. Not because I don’t want to honor people, but because they’re typically too formal, structured, and therefore, unnatural. I insist on being myself under all circumstances, and people are uncomfortable with unstructured grief.

There is something tragic about the Kennedy family. I’m not sure what it is. They are America’s royal family.

How strange, that I cannot identify with them in the least. This family has shared more public tragedies than any other. May God bless the remaining Kennedys. May He reveal Himself to them in awesome and wondrous ways.

Companies That Blog Get More Traffic and Links

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Mass Twitter Reply Spam Is Inevitable

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Day 2: Vibram Five Fingers

I noticed last night that my back was significantly achy all over. The kind of feeling you might have if you helped a neighbor move all their furniture into and out of a Uhaul truck. Today is no different. I ache. I’ve been leaning back all day long in my chair, but the ache is just enough to be distracting and frustrating. The ache is mostly around my shoulder blades and lower, just to the left of my spine.

My hope is that my body is adapting to the 5Fs (Five Fingers). Oddly enough, my feet didn’t hurt this morning, even though I walked in my 5Fs all day long. According to Vibram, “Stimulating the muscles in your feet and lower legs will not only make you stronger and healthier, it improves your balance, agility and proprioception.”

It makes total sense, as I’ve mentioned before and will mention again. A cushioned shoe keeps many nerves in the foot from sensing and adapting to the changes in topography. The stimulus that comes from walking barefoot sends all kinds of signals to the brain which help the body know where all its limbs are in space at a given moment without having to visually focus on them (proprioception). It’s how you shoot a basketball without staring at your arms and hands the whole time to make sure they’re in the right place.

Anyhow, it’s 2:22pm my time. The work day is winding down. I have a men’s group meeting tonight.

At times today, my feet have been uncomfortable enough to warrant taking the 5Fs off, but I’ve waited to take them off until after work because I knew I would sit so long today that my feet would get plenty of rest.

I’ve been told it will take several weeks for my feet and body to adjust to the lack of shock absorption shoes typically provide. My back is, I think, conclusive evidence of this fact. I’m sore like I’ve been working manual labor, despite the fact I’m sitting at my computer for most of the day.

As for the back and side pain I’m experiencing, my wife just told me she has it too, so it may be due to the beet kvass detox drink we both had yesterday.

Don’t forget: Love yourself. Love your feet.

Removing Strongholds: 30 Days to Liberation

Strongholds are beliefs that are built upon lies or half-truths. They affect the way we live, the way we hear God, and the way we understand who we are in Christ.

Demonic forces don’t have any power over those saved through faith in Jesus. But we can all believe the lies they whisper and find ourselves wrapped up in a mental stronghold we didn’t even notice. The only power the enemy has over us now is what we give them through our own belief.

Strongholds lead to:

  • unforgiveness
  • division
  • church splits
  • family splits
  • the need to be in control
  • financial disorder
  • victim mentality

By allowing yourself to continue thinking like a victim, you are making the declaration that your victimization is greater than God’s power. You are holding on to something God has already provided freedom from.

Join me over the next 30 days. It’s simple. Each morning, ask God to pull down the strongholds in your mind. Ask him to complete kill and remove them. Not sure that you HAVE strongholds? Ask Him anyway. The only things you have to lose are your strongholds. Either nothing will happen or He will destroy the strongholds in your mind and your quality of life will be improved.

Ask Him today. Ask Him tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. Do it with me. Expect some resistance, but do not give up. Keep asking for the next 30 days and let’s talk when it’s over.

*Thanks to John Paul Jackson for providing the inspiration for this post.

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The Window to the Soul

The eye is the window to the soul. Don’t let anyone tell you that’s just a saying. Some prophetic people can look into a person’s eyes and see images flash before their mind of the person’s pain, joy, history, etc.

Speaking from personal experience, I look people in the eye when talking business, but I’m always ultra sensitive to whether they’re comfortable with extended eye contact. My goal is to bless the person, not intimidate or annoy them.

I don’t know how the experience is for everyone, but eye-to-eye contact is extremely powerful for me. Sometimes I feel embarrassed, as though I have just trespassed into someone’s personal space by looking them in the eye. I’m embarrassed for their sakes because I wouldn’t want someone reading my mail (at least I wouldn’t have at certain points of my life).

Psalm 5

For the director of music. For flutes. A psalm of David.

1 Give ear to my words, O LORD,
consider my sighing.

2 Listen to my cry for help,
my King and my God,
for to you I pray.

3 In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation.

4 You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil;
with you the wicked cannot dwell.

5 The arrogant cannot stand in your presence;
you hate all who do wrong.

6 You destroy those who tell lies;
bloodthirsty and deceitful men
the LORD abhors.

7 But I, by your great mercy,
will come into your house;
in reverence will I bow down
toward your holy temple.

8 Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness
because of my enemies—
make straight your way before me.

9 Not a word from their mouth can be trusted;
their heart is filled with destruction.
Their throat is an open grave;
with their tongue they speak deceit.

10 Declare them guilty, O God!
Let their intrigues be their downfall.
Banish them for their many sins,
for they have rebelled against you.

11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
let them ever sing for joy.
Spread your protection over them,
that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

12 For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous;
you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

Isn’t Twitter Just for Self-Absorbed Egomaniacs?

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