July 2008

Psalm 143

Hear my prayer, oh Lord! Listen to my plea! Answer me because you are faithful and righteous. That cry tells my heart something new. It tells me to expect God to answer because he is faithful and because he is righteous. In other words, God’s character is such that I can expect Him to answer. He is near to me even now, and will not ignore me. Tell me more about a God like that!

Process Information Before You Share

This appears to be a very important step in renewing your mind. One that, I must confess, I don’t always adhere to. Sometimes I feel compelled to share what I’ve just heard because it makes so much sense and should be good news to many people. Of course, the regurgitation of said news is rarely powerful enough to make a difference, and I end up getting frustrated with other people for not acknowledging the wisdom I’ve spouted. Take time to process. In today’s blogging culture, it’s easy to spit out any and every tidbit of information you come across without […]

Actively Seeking the Will of God

Continuing on the theme of the last post, all followers of Christ want to know God’s will. Easy to want, not so easy to find. Or is it? As mentioned previously, many believers have learned that the only way to not miss the will of the Lord is to sit and wait on Him until He speaks. There is some merit to this way of thinking, but I tend to think this method works best for those who have been commanded to wait.

Waiting on God vs. Laziness

I know many people doing very little in life. They’re “waiting on God” for direction. Well, okay. If God tells you to wait, wait. If you know in your heart that waiting is being obedient to the season God has placed you, so be it. But I speak from experience when I recommend you examine yourself VERY closely before you spend too much time waiting.