Could Andy Beal’s Trackur be the Tipping Point for ORM?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the past 72 hours (with minor rest breaks). Online Reputation Management is an industry I bought into a year ago, predicting it would grow to heights that would rival or at least compliment SEO in the realm of public awareness.

Certain experts in internet marketing and PR have been assisting individuals and corporations with reputation management for a few years now. Guys like Andy Beal, who’s been writing about ORM since his blog began. Lee Odden, is another example of a marketing professional who has combined the practices of public relations, image consulting, and search engine optimization to provide ORM. Continue reading

When it Comes to SEO, Something is Better than Nothing

Some interactive marketing agencies affect an elitist attitude when taking on new clients. They turn away anyone without proof a six-figure budget.

Some companies have trouble allocating funds to a marketing strategy they’ve never tried before. That’s why it’s important to find an agency who will review your website, listen to your budget constraints, and at least help you get started.

Continue reading