January 2008

7 Steps to Surviving the Writer’s Strike

If you're like me, you're trying to figure out who to despise due to the lack of content on tv. Do we blame the writers or the executives? Possibly both, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is finding a Prime Time replacement for all the shows I usually enjoy. Due to the recent lack of watch-worthy content, I've chosen seven solid steps to survive the strike (God, please end it soon!). YouTube If you haven't been to YouTube lately, I think you'll be surprised by some of the content there. Everything from music videos to interviews to mini episodes. […]

Best Deal on a New Car in DFW

Just a quick note. If you are looking for a car or have the money to buy a car, you'd be a fool to pass this up. Trophy Nissan is selling brand new 2008 Nissan Altimas for half of MSRP. That means you can buy a brand new Altima for just under $12,000! That's right! Of course, the catch is that you have to get there in the next 4 days. Today may have been the first day, so you might only have 3 days left. If I had the money, I'd be there right now. Take my word on […]

How Do I Write for a Non-MySpace Blog?

While a lot of people are MySpace savvy, many MySpacers still don't understand the difference between a MySpace blog and a professional, public blog. MySpace is typically the place for random half-thoughts and copies of email spam and pics from one's latest night on the town or baby photo shoot. It's a place to share stuff with friends, hence the tagline: "A place for friends." But MySpace doesn't challenge people to fully develop their thoughts or share information in sensible stages. In fact, I'd say that the majority of MySpace bloggers are lazy, only posting anything when they have an […]

Movie Review: The Kingdom

The Kingdom is one of those movies that require a hush as the credits roll. No conversations. No cheap comments about how good the movie was. Just silent contemplation. The value of life. How quickly it dissipates. How easily a new generation of hate grows to replace the old. Just a few, simple words, spoken at a time of great loss. "Don't fear them, my child. We are going to kill them all." Those haunting last words as the film closes on the face of a boy destined to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather. And as the credits […]

Changes are Coming is in the midst of change… again. While I have been the primary contributer, we've had guest bloggers on occasion covering various topics. Guest posts will continue, and you'll still hear from me every week. In addition to more of the same, I've invited some bloggers to join the team to contribute weekly. The hope is to have at least one blog post from a new author each day of the week.  One of the biggest complaints I've heard over the past two years has been that posting here has been sporadic. No one will keep your RSS feed […]

Trent Green on Concussions and Brain Health

Mike and Mike in the Morning spoke with NFL quarterback Trent Green this morning on ESPN Radio about concussions and the affects of head injuries. Despite his horrendous performance this year as the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback, Green is an accomplished quarterback and quite the speaker. You can hear the interview via podcast here. Golic asked Green about the most recent concussion he suffered and whether he was suffering any post trauma effects from the blow. Green claims he is fine, with no noticeable after effects, which may or may not be true. Keep in mind that a professional athlete, […]