July 2007

Book Review: The Lumby Lines

The book is The Lumby Lines, by Gail Fraser. Fraser manages to appeal to both Baby Boomers and Gen Y simultaneously. The first novel of the series is crafted to be hip enough to engage the young and cultured enough to engage the old. My one and only complaint revolves around the opening of the book. The first sentence made me wish I was reading something else. It wasn't until the last sentence of the paragraph that I rested easier knowing that someone in the story used the Internet. My chief concern was that this might be some sort of […]

The Challenge of Launching a Sports Blog in the Offseason

As Matt Mosley of ESPN well knows, it is difficult to launch a sports blog in the offseason. Timing is crucial, and bad timing can make building a blog brand even harder. Although Mosley's Hashmarks is a football blog, the same principles apply that affect my MavsUpdate basketball blog. Mosley was intending to launch near the NFL Draft day, and something corporate got in the way. By the time his blog launched, it was all he could do to recover from the lost momentum of announcing the launch months in advance. Granted, Randy Galloway is doing everything in his power […]

Papaya Clothing Website Is Live!

After more than a year of waiting, the Papaya Clothing Store website has finally launched! No more complaining or visiting CultureFeast to post 200+ comments about how much you want to shop at Papaya Online. Go there today at and take advantage of their Really Big Sale where you can get up to 30% off Papaya clothes online. The wait is over! Shop ’til you drop! And feel free to keep visiting me here at CultureFeast. You don’t have to forget me, just because Papaya’s around. ***UPDATE*** As of Friday evening, the Papaya website is apparently down again. I […]

Kameron and Jaimie Are Voted Off

I am astonished. The results are in, and the two dancers leaving us this week on So You Think You Can Dance are Kameron and Jaimie. The voters were not consistent in this vote. Jaimie is obviously among the top 2 female dancers remaining. Only Lacey can compete with her style and ability. Sadly, votes are not always based on ability. Jaimie's one downfall has been a lack of stage presence – more specifically, she lacked depth of expressed emotion. She always emoting the same expression. So I can't say anything except I am sad to see her go. She […]

What Does Your Car Say About You?

My wife started this chain of thought in motion for me several years ago when we discussed our first car purchase as a married couple. We were fairly certain at the time that we wanted a Honda Accord, though a Toyota Camry or older Lexus were fair game as well.  Then came the color debate. I was all about silver or black. I think silver is classy. Black is obviously classic. But my wife hates silver cars. She's all about earth tones, so she was more into the champagne / beige look. But it was her explanation for her preferences […]

The Bloated Web Won’t Last Forever

I'm amazed by how many web 2.0 startups have appeared within the past two years. It seems that everyone smelled success with MySpace, Digg, YouTube, and, and the race was on. Hundreds of 2.0 ideas have launched in the past year, making for an increasingly crowded space.  Though there are millions of users to compete for, 30 versions of MySpace can't all be successful (Virb, Facebook, Friendster, Hyves, Hi5, etc). Every successful venture has 15-20 copy cat competitors crop up within a year of publicity. Everyone smells blood and rushes in to get a piece of the action. It's […]