June 2007

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Needs an Online Blogger / Web Personality

This post was planned since Monday, so despite some interesting recent events, I chose to go ahead and post it today. After further reflection, it is apparent that Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is lacking a designated show blogger / web personality to boost the show’s online reputation. With four hours of live broadcast each day and hours of show prep afterwards, it’s rather obvious that none of the show’s cast has the time to be that full-time web voice. Between show, prep, special appearances, and living a real life, your team is already spent. Hence the reason why everyone […]

NBA Trade Rumors Abound and the 2007 NBA Draft Approaches

Sadly, the 2007 NBA Draft approaches and the media focus has shifted to Kevin Garnett and who will get him during this offseason. Is it fair to focus on trade rumors rather than the crop of fine talent the teams get to choose from this year? Perhaps so. I liken Kevin Garnett to Vince Carter. Both players came very highly rated into the NBA. Both received MAJOR sponsor deals. Both were popular with the media. And both were fairly disappointing for years. Both KG and Carter have put up impressive numbers at times, but the NBA is all about winning. […]

Christian Social Media Sites: Good Idea or Bad?

I will acknowledge the truth that parents need a place for their children to learn, to engage, and to socialize that will not scar them or taint their innocence. I wouldn’t want my kids listening to what I listen to or watching many of the films I watch. Since I am a P.I.T. (Parent in Training), my opinion might not be the most valid… but it is popular. It all started when I left MySpace the first time in January 2006. I was sick and tired of the half-naked chicks everywhere via True ads. After some brief research, I found […]

Biggest NBA Summer Trade: Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is still pushing for a trade. The three teams he’s interested in: Chicago, Phoenix, and Dallas. I don’t think he’s seriously interested in Dallas. But he would surely play with the amazing talent of Phoenix or be the center of attention in Chicago. Some people say that Jerry Buss won’t consider giving up his only remaining franchise player. I don’t know anything about the guy, but apparently he takes entertaining Hollywood celebrities very seriously. And big names come to see big names. Halfway across the country, rumor is that Minnesota is entertaining bids for Kevin Garnett. While they’re […]

Read Print Offers Free Online Classic Books

Good ‘ol StumbleUpon led me to an excellent literary resource online. Students, teachers, and literary fanatics worldwide can now access the works of more than 90 classic authors at Supported by Google Adsense, Read Print is an excellent free resource to avid readers everywhere. Authors include Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Sophocles, H. G. Wells, and Virgil. Check it out! No more need to spend money on even the cheap versions of the classics at Barnes & Noble.

7 Realistic Steps to Early Retirement

It’s a question most of us hate to think about because the answer is so depressing. For anyone younger than 55, a million dollars is not enough to retire on unless you are a super whiz when it comes to investing. How will you retire? Have you saved anything? Or are you still doing your best just to get out of credit card debt? If you haven’t thought much on the subject, now is the time. Read this article on how to make a million dollars first, just to get the ball rolling. If you’re like me, the more you […]