May 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

“So You Think You Can Dance,” one of my favorite summer T.V. shows, is here again. I must say, each year I am inspired anew. Inspired by their beautiful bodies to take care of my own. Inspired by their discipline, passion and strength. For me, most T.V. shows do nothing more than entertain. But with this one, I feel reminded that the world is a stage. Radiance is a lifestyle: a mix of gratitude, confidence, generosity, humility and determination. I want to be radiant. I want to be surrounded by radiant people. I’m blessed in that way, because the people […]

Will the Online Bowling Pro Shop Overtake Brick and Mortar Sales?

The question is: will an online bowling pro shop ever be more popular than a store inside a brick and mortar bowling alley? Bowling has been considered by some to be a dying sport. Hell, some people don’t even think bowling qualifies as anything more than a hobby. Other than the citizens of podunk towns with nothing more than a Wal-Mart and a bowling alley, who under the age of 35 really cares about bowling? Apparently, bowling as a sport is still going strong. From office leagues to college courses and late night adventures, bowling alleys have become a haven […]

Dallas Landscaping Receives a Healthy Boost

I can’t remember how many years it’s been since we had such good rainfall throughout the Spring until this late in May. Normally, it’s breaking 90 degrees outside with no hint of a reprieve. Not this year. Landscapers and homeowners around the DFW metroplex are undoubtedly rejoicing at their good fortune. More rainfall = lower water bills, not to mention no drought or watering restrictions. It’s hard to make a dying lawn look good. But even the best Dallas landscaping company will be grateful for the extra help from Mother Nature (and the One who created it). Cool temperatures, green […]

Will the Dallas Mavericks Pursue Rashard Lewis?

It’s obvious that the Dallas Mavericks’ roster needs some serious attention. Granted, if the Atlanta Hawks or New York Knicks could get their hands on this roster, they’d wet themselves. But we’re not New York or sucky Atlanta. We’re the big D, the home of the next NBA dynasty… at least, that’s what we thought. Now we’d settle for another run at the title. We’d settle for someone who can stop Baron Davis from playing like Superman. In short, we need someone like Rashard Lewis. As I’ve admitted in previous posts, I know very little about free agency and the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Partisan Voter

Everyone I knew growing up was a partisan voter, and they ALL fell into the category of the GOP. Democrats became taboo – these wild eyed, ex-hippies who’d rather smoke a blunt than go to church (actually, they probably do both). My Republicans never belonged to the NRA-lovers, but they did believe in the right to bear arms as a principle. Of course, I also learned to look at smokers as bad people, so you can imagine how my development went. I remember when George Bush Sr. ran against the huge head of Michael Dukakis. I knew nothing about politics, […]

If Search Popularity Elected Presidents…

Then Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would be neck and neck, with John Edwards trailing with only 25% of the popularity of either one of the others. I have a bet going with Mystery SEO (no links again!) on who will win. We’re not betting for anything except the privilege of being “right.” Our selections were made based on our expectation of national popularity, not personal preference. Mystery SEO thinks John Edwards is a shoe-in. I think Hillary is more likely, though I’d rather see Obama in the White House if I had my choice. As usual, no candidates really […]