April 2007


show me one just a glimpse that which all things stretch an infinite distance towards with hungry hopes to apprehend walk with me speak of things unnoticed when last we met under the tree glance outside long enough to catch a star hanging lowly like a branch above the window make a wish or make believe your star is some other lonely planet one on which we face each other eye to eye and breath to breath think of me often on your gleaming island your planet of hope your isolation and brush the leaves gently from your soft wool […]

Busiest Friday on Record

I’m not sure how it’s all going to get done. I guess that’s why I’m typing at 6am. Gotta get a jump on things today. I have an article to write, pages for the new company website to write, and three other projects to finish today. Yeah… this is DEFINITELY a Starbucks day. I’m hoping Aaron has a chance to pop over to Las Colinas and join me for lunch. We’re “in talks” about a service swapping deal where I get professional lawncare and he gets SEO / blog services. We’ll work it out to be fair, don’t worry. He’s […]

April Rain

Wow… this brings back memories. Though Time has created enough space that the emotions no longer overwhelm, memories of teenage years and April rains are still fresh in mind. I miss that old blue GAP button up sweater I used to wear. I never cared that it got wet. I can almost smell the smells that came with being outdoors in the rain. I love Las Colinas. Las Colinas in the spring makes me feel that anything is possible, and that everything happens for a reason. Hmm….. yeah…… I’m hungry…..what’s for lunch? Added at 9:56pm: Scratch all that warm fuzzy […]

Everything is Utterly Meaningless…. So What?

Why do we do what we do? That’s one of those questions my peeps hate to ask. Aaron in particular. He wants the white picket fence, three kids, and the leave it to beaver lifestyle. So he’s been saying for the past three or four years. I didn’t buy it then and I don’t buy it now. He’ll read this a month from now and post some comment about how he pictures me in seclusion, lighting candles and writing poetry. Funny guy. I’m not quite that dramatic (shut it, Nathan – like how I mentioned your name and yet you […]

2 Mistakes Beginners Make When Building A Website

Today, we’re talking about online user experience. Granted, this is the type of post that belongs on my Reputation Management blog, so I’ll be brief and expand on it there later. It’s still worth my time to cover these topics here or on MySpace because those are the places where my Internet illiterate friends hang out, and they represent the types of people who will “discover” the amazing opportunities made available by the Web, and without some kind of help they’ll throw up the ugliest or most unusable site you can imagine. Here are the 2 biggest mistakes people make […]

LifeChurch Creates a Virtual Church on Second Life

I’m writing this for the benefit of my friends and the masses that are similar to my friends – i.e., those who have no clue about the latest and greatest news on the Web. I’ve briefly mentioned Second Life before, so use the site search engine on the right to find the other post. Second Life is no joke. You may mock people who join online communities, but it is the wave of the future. When Reuters creates a website for the sole purpose of covering virtual community news, you know it’s worth a second glance. LifeChurch, an Edmond, Oklahoma […]