December 2006

Useless Mel Gibson Antisemitic Controversies

Is anybody really enraged by the alleged Mel Gibson controversy? Let us understand a couple basic principles from the beginning: 1) it is never justified or proper to practice anti-semitism; 2) you cannot believe everything you hear and read out of Hollywood. I’m tired of hearing about the outrage over Mel Gibson’s behavior. Don’t believe all these outraged people’s claims that Mel is finally “showing his true colors.” That’s the kind of sensationalist trash generated by people predisposed to a certain bias. Let’s break this down to its most simple, common denominator. This “controversy” revolves around history – the historical […]

Brad Pitt and Kirk Cameron

It’s amazing how some actors and actresses get started in the industry. Many of them get little television roles that nobody remembers until years later when the reruns play. I’m watching Brad Pitt on Growing Pains. Can you believe it? Back in the day, Kirk Cameron was one of the most popular teen heart throbs. Brad Pitt was a nobody. It’s hilarious. Girls had posters of Kirk Cameron on their walls. He had this hit show for years. Some would say that Kirk Cameron’s career disappeared because of his conversion to Christ. Perhaps. I haven’t been around to see whether […]

what is in a song?

What is in a song? The words we write and sounds we bleed like torrents of sleet cutting paths down soft and unsuspecting cheeks. The paths we create with emotions unchecked. With highs that scrape heaven’s floor and lows that burrow Earth’s core, we blaze on in inconsistent shadows of meaning and brightness and song.

Radiant Travels to New York City

The Pontiac / Jimmy Kimmel Show Best Unsigned Band Contest just ended. Out of the 1,000 plus entries, two of the finalists were bands with roots in Shady Grove Church, Grand Prairie, Texas. The DFW metroplex has churned out two great talented bands: Radiant and The Barons. This year belonged to Radiant. The band received word just a few days ago that they were the winners of the contest and would be flying out to New York City for a week. “Excited” does not begin to express the response. Levi Smith (lead singer/guitarist), Daniel Hopkins (drummer), Dragan Jakovljevic (guitarist), and […]

Music, Film and Book Reviews

Everyone seems to be doing their end of the year evaluations, determining what worked with their business and what didn’t. The same holds true here. After reading through most of this year’s posts, some unexpected trends have been spotted that will be addressed in the new year. The first and most important trend we’ve noticed is the below satisfactory ratio of intelligent and informative entries to casual and generic entries. We want CultureFeast to present a place of intelligent thought about cultural topics. We don’t believe that intelligent has to equal boring in any way, shape, or form. But sometimes […]

Christmas at the Dessingers

It’s Christmas Day, and we’ve already celebrated with one set of family. Heather, my mother-in-law, and I visited my family for an early Christmas celebration. We had a wonderful time in the Oklahoma City area. There is something so different about OKC and Edmond. The air is so calm and peaceful in comparison to Dallas / Fort Worth. The entire region’s atmosphere is simply more calm. It’s like going to the DFW suburbs and vacuuming the frenzy right out of everyone’s lives. I sometimes wonder if the people in Edmond even have real problems. I am destined to smell good […]