November 2006

Parasites and Colon Cleansing Ads

So I just added Google Adsense to one of my blogs last night. Guess what the first ads contained! You guessed it! All of them were ads for human and pet parasites. How disturbingly cool is that? Yes, that was rhetorical. I actually visited one of the sites advertised on my own blog, just to see what it would show. I got more than I bargained for. Somebody started doing a colon cleanse and took their digital camera into the bathroom every time they had a bowl movement. They took pictures of some of the nastiest stuff I have ever […]

Texas Gets a Winter Blast

We’re “enjoying” a brief winter blast today. Frozen rain and sleet have been falling intermittently throughout the day. My wife went to work anyway. I miss her. It would be so great if she were here with me right now. Of course, I have to work no matter what. Weather doesn’t play a factor here. What excuse would I have? It’s too icy to make it to my laptop in the living room? Not likely. A tree would have to fall through my roof and let the ice in for that to be the case, and that’s not going to […]

My Relationship with the Ever Changing Giant, AT&T

I am not a big fan of the corporate giant. I do remember seeing an AT&T commercial in junior high for cordless phones, and thinking that if I had money, I would buy stock in AT&T. The company has taken quite a few turns in the past fifteen years. AT&T is now the name behind my DSL service, once called SBCYahoo. I never liked SBCYahoo, and I was kind of glad to see AT&T come in. I honestly have no idea who is actually at the helm, technically. Companies these days buy other companies, absorb the employees and the name, […]

My Thoughts on the Righteous Man

For years, I worried about being a righteous man. I never measured up to the standards set by my church, my family, and my Bible. I constantly felt overwhelmed by all the ways a person should respond with kindness and love and selflessness. I failed miserably. For a time, I stopped caring. I surrendered. I accepted the fact that I didn’t measure up, and I quit trying to. These days, I see things a little differently. I don’t try to be a man who is perfect at everything. Now, I try to be a man who excels at one thing. […]

eHarmony and Christian Principle Part Two

I realize that at times my writing is scatterbrained at best. I knew that the first post on this topic was just a quick dump, without form or attempt to structure. Sometimes it is necessary just to avoid forgetting the primary thoughts and/or feelings on a given subject. As I think of the subject of finding one’s Christian soulmate, I think primarily of the woman, simply because men seeking commitment and/or Christ seem to be in short supply. There is this mad rush to marry all the most popular girls at a young age, and then many of the quality […]

BMI: Bodyweight Mass Index

Models in a recent fashion show were actually turned away for being too thin. Women were accepted or denied based upon their BMI, or bodyweight mass index. BMI is found using two measurements: a person’s height and a weight. While not always a uniformly accurate or fair form of mesaurement, it seems to be a workable method for scenarios such as fashion shows. 0-18 dangerously underweight 19-25 normal 26+ overweight Women scoring 18 or below were turned away. It has caused some controversy. Skinny, nearly dead women everywhere are up in arms, though it looks more like a toothpick revolution. […]