October 2006

Halloween Confusion

Those of us who grew up in a conservative religious background know what I’m talking about when I say that Halloween has caused a fair share of confusion. Everything involving magic or witches or werewolves was evil (look for another post to come on magic). Everything that wasn’t obviously biblical was condemned. Some of us didn’t even listen to secular music until we gained some level of teenage independence. I don’t agree with the blind avoidance and condemnation of all things non-biblical. Blind, unquestioned doctrine is what causes religious splintering and cults to grow. God gave us minds to use, […]

The Miracle of Life and Childbirth

You probably think that I am about to wax on about the miracle of childbirth. I’m not. Not because it’s not miraculous. It is. I posted this photo because the sight of it struck me so.How do I explain? This is a man whom I respect and admire. He is not perfect. I do not pretend he is without flaw. He does, however, live out of a certain sense of duty, virtue, and ethics. That also has nothing to do with why I posted his photograph. Truth be told, I miss him. Both he and his wife are dear friends […]

How Will You Change the World?

One by one, you do. All of you. Yes, even you. You change the world. As it spins on its axis. You are out there, touching and smiling and talking and feeling. You create history. I see these movies about painters, writers, and other creative geniuses. I see them, and I think to myself, Yeah! I could do that. Of course, then there are other complications. I am regularly amazed by movies. I hear people say things in them that I didn’t realize other people thought. I thought I was the only one. Figures. These characters take chances. They take […]

Singhai Saturday

Ahhh…Nothing like a cold Thai malt liquor on a Saturday afternoon….right? Whole Foods Market, the regional mecca of everything tasty and organic, had a sale today on Singhai, a tasty Thai malt liquor. Let me tell you, after more than a month of parasite cleanses and mostly healthy foods (yes, I was bad once or twice), anything resembling beer was a welcomed sight. Would I recommend it? Sure, if you want to try something new. Not so much, if you want great taste. Then again, taste is apparently subjective (for some reason, not everyone agrees with my taste?!?!? go figure…). […]

Change Your Clocks

Don’t forget to change your clocks back one hour tonight! It’s that one night of the year when we get to catch an extra hour of zzz’s or stay up an extra hour late. The party animal in you that has lain dormant for years is begging for a little holiday. Spend it how you want. Just take advantage of the time you have. Life is but a breath, you know.

I’d Rather Beat the Fockers

That’s right. I’d beat them with a stick! Why I even tried to watch the sequel is beyond me. They can’t stop from irritating me! I’ve never wanted to hurt Robert DeNiro in my life… until now. This poor, moronic Gaylord Focker is the victim. The victim of unfair judgment, of bad decisions, insecurity, and genetic flaws. I simply can’t stand it! I haven’t even made to the introduction of Focker’s parents. I need a punching bag so I can beat the crap out of something before continuing the movie. Am I alone here? The rest of my family watched […]