August 2006

Cravings Signal Detoxification

Whataburger sounds really good right about now. So does fettucine alfredo. And chips with queso. Mmmm… Okay, okay, I’m going to do permanent damage if i don’t stop. August 6th marked day one of the Dessinger live food diet. That was seventeen days ago. Cravings are popping up out of the woodwork. I was warned about just such a possibility. I was told that after a while of burning off excess fat, the body begins to detoxify itself. As the toxins are flushed from their places of residence (fat cells), they often affect a person with cravings for the very […]

Live Foods = Live Body

My wife and I discovered live foods on my birthday. Not something I would have hoped or planned for in advance, but a welcome solution to many a problem. I give credit to Heather and her mom. Both have faithfully pursued health with a zeal unmatched by anyone else I know. Sure, Mrs. Nevland has managed to earn areputation for quirky and healthy things like Barley Green, but the presentation just didn’t do it for me. So we’re at a friend’s house on my birthday to learn how to prepare some excellent raw food dishes. Sounds harmless enough, right? It […]